Ultrasonic Algae Control Units

Algae / Blanket Weed Problems?

Do you have a problem with Algae (Blanket Weed) control of your pond, lake, water features or reservoirs? There is a device that destroys Algae and is providing a bonus to park keepers and park rangers.

You can NOW see this device working successfully in the river at Audley End House , Saffron Walden for English Heritage, where it is saving hours of time that can be spent elsewhere in the gardens.

How it works

The device is an underwater ultra sound emitter, which sends ultrasonic waves through the water. The complex pattern of ultrasonic vibrations through the water causes the algae cell vacuole to implode. It is harmless to humans, animals, fish and aquatic plants. Water volumes will become clearer and algae and other certain organisms will die without chemicals.

The Benefits

Think of the benefits with the advantages of Ultrasonic Algae Control

The effective range from different units is 10 metres to 200 metres and the area covered ranges from 150m2 to 60,000m2. The device requires an electricity supply and conforms to CE standards that power the unit. If the water that requires treatment has no power supply available these devices can be run by solar power.

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